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RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL 5% OFF 12 BOTTLES (CAN BE MIXED): Call us on 01404 814139 or Order Online

50cl H&H Finest 5 Year Old Full Rich Madeira

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Probably the most famous name associated with Madeira, Malmsey is the English name for the wines made from the Malvasia Candida grape. A variety which is quite widely planted throughout the Mediterranean. This rich sweet Madeira is laced with a fine tangy fruitiness. It is traditionally served with coffee, nuts or rich, old-fashioned fruit cake. It makes a perfect digestif as well.

The Henriques family were making wine in Madeira in the 15th Century, but it was not until 1850 that Joaquim Henriques established the firm of Henriques and Henriques with his brother. Today it is the largest and most respected independent Madeira 'house', with the lion's share of the grapes coming from vineyards owned by the Henriques family surrounding Camara de Lobos, considered by many to be the best quality vine growing area on the Island.

In order to reinforce their position as the leading producer of quality wine, Henriques have planted 60 hectares of new vines on precarious terraces overlooking their winery at Camara de Lobos, terraces which are hardly viable to work, in terms of pure economics, but which will, in time, produce some terrific quality grapes. The winery itself is brand new, equipped with the most up-to-date stainless steel vats and pneumatic presses. Their Madeiras are outstanding.

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Foods Digestif

Dryness Sweet

Body Full Bodied

Colour Malmsey

Grapes Malvasia Candida

Region Madeira

Producer Henriques & Henriques

Vintage 5 Year Old

Sulphites Contains Sulphites