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Armagnac De Tenareze 12 Y.O. Domaine De Cassagnoles

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This Armagnac, from its very name, has had more time to develop in the cask than the 5 year old. The fruit, still very much present, marries well with the oak notes produced by the cask. It is suppler and rounder with vanilla aromas that make it more suave and on the finish there is a faint hint of liquorice. It is a high-quality Armagnac, typical of a TENAREZE, that frequently receives awards in the major Concours in France.

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Foods Digestif

Dryness Dry

Body Medium Bodied

Colour Dark Golden

Grapes Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanc, Colombard

Region Tenareze, France

Producer Domaine de Cassagnoles

Vintage 12 Year Old

Sulphites Contains Sulphites