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Oppenheim Herrenberg Riesling Auslese 2015

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Louis Guntrum, Rheinhessen

A well balanced wine with classic Riesling nose. Rich and full-bodied this is Riesling at the top of its game with comparatively little residual sugar so is a perfect savoury food wine, not a pudding wine. Juicy and fresh with overtones of peaches and dried apricots on the palate, with perfect balancing acidity leading to great ageing potential.

Nestled between the "Grosse Gewächs" vineyards of Sackträger and Kreuz, Herrenberg has the same soil, exposure and potential. The vineyards are in a horseshoe-shape on the hillside, allowing for excellent sun exposure, protection from cold winds and rain and permitting slow, but complete ripening due to heat absorbed by the ground during the day being released at night.

The family roots go back until 1648, to the small village of Wörrstadt in Rheinhessen. Ever since, the Louis Guntrum family has been growing grapes and making wine. The 8th generation, Louis Jean George Guntrum, built today's Estate building in 1923 - it offers a perfect and spacious environment to produce some of the finest wines from Germany, and is a stunning location directly adjacent to the Rhein river. Today, the estate is owned and managed by the 11th generation, Louis Konstantin Guntrum.
The cellars offer the best of both worlds, old and new - traditional wooden barrels and modern stainless steel tanks. Their philosophy in winemaking is modern technology, where appropriate, but traditional approaches and ideas, handed over from generation to generation, for most of the grape growing and winemaking.

This combination of new and old is exemplified in the wines. They grow traditional, classic grape varities only, such as Riesling, Silvaner, Spätburgunder (Pinot Nero) or Gewürztraminer. Moderate pruning of the vines ensures long-term production of high quality wines generation after generation; use of fertilizers only upon natural needs, based on strict analysis of the soil; selective hand picking of the grapes to obtain the most suitable grape for each wine.

The transformation from grapes to grape juice to wine follows the well-tried rules of European winemaking traditions: Time rather than mechanical equipment, Nature rather than technology and chemistry. The aim is to improve and refine the most precious gift of nature - the grape and to turn every single one into a unique, special type of wine, that reflects perfectly the typicity of the soil as well as the vintage.

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Foods Spicy Asian Dishes, Aperitif

Dryness Dry

Body Medium Bodied

Colour Pale Golden

Grapes Riesling

Region Rheinhessen

Producer Louis Guntrum

Vintage 2015

Sulphites Contains Sulphites