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Gremillet Rosé Vrai NV

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A stunning rose colour, luminous and full of sun. Fine foam and bubbles, well coloured and exhuberant. The bouquet is a symphony of fresh red berries. On the palate " a fruity gourmandise, each bubble is a different berrry that burst on the palate like a subtle musical note, here a cherry, there a strawberry, further a redcurrant, then a raspberry, a blackberry, a blueberry and so on...

The method, like for other red wines vinified around the world, consists in macerating in vats for a few days red grapes and their skins. It is the natural pigments contained in the red skin grapes that the colour effects the must. At the same time the anthocyanes enrich the must with their aromatic components. After maceration, as soon as the Cellar Master deems the colour and aromas are appropriate, the juice is extracted. The 'rose de saignee' is unique each year, visually as well as taste wise. The character is richer, more vinous and a champagne to be shared around the table with friends.

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Foods Aperitif, Sea Bass, Fruit Tart

Dryness Dry

Body Light bodied

Colour Deep Raspberry

Grapes Pinot Noir

Region Cote des Bars

Producer Champagne Gremillet

Vintage NV

Sulphites Contains Sulphites