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Dom Perignon

Discover Dom Perignon, one of the most iconic brands of champagne. Choose from our selection of vintage and non-vintage Dom Perignon for a truly special occasion. Our expertly selected bottles are perfect for any gathering, from sophisticated soirees to intimate dinners. For the best quality, trust Christopher Piper Wines.

Champagne Moet and Chandon

Treat yourself to a bottle of Champagne Moet and Chandon from Christopher Piper Wines. We offer a variety of bottles from this premium champagne house, including a selection of magnum bottles for a truly luxurious drinking experience. Perfect for any celebration, these exquisite champagnes are sure to impress your guests.

Pink Champagne

Bring a touch of colour to your celebration with a bottle of pink champagne. Christopher Piper Wines offers a wide selection of premium rosé champagnesthat are sure to add a touch of style and elegance to any occasion. Choose from top brands like Taittinger and Veuve Clicquot to create a truly memorable experience.

Champagnes FAQs

What is Champagne?

Champagne is a sparkling wine that is exclusively produced in the Champagne region of France.

How is Champagne made?

Champagne is made using a method called traditional method or méthode champenoise, which involves a second fermentation of the wine in the bottle to create bubbles.

What grapes are used to make Champagne?

The main grape varieties used to make Champagne are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.

What is the difference between Champagne and sparkling wine?

Champagne is a type of sparkling wine that is specifically made in the Champagne region of France using specific grape varieties and production methods.

What is the proper way to serve Champagne?

Champagne should be served chilled, ideally between 42-48°F, in a flute or tulip-shaped glass to preserve the bubbles and aromas.

What makes Champagne special?

Champagne is special due to its unique terroir, production method, and aging process, resulting in complex flavours, aromas, and a distinct signature style.

How long does Champagne age?

Champagne can age from a few years to several decades, depending on the quality of the wine and the producer's intended style.

What is the best Champagne?

The best Champagne is subjective and varies depending on individual preferences, but some of the top Champagne houses include Dom Perignon, Krug, and Louis Roederer.

What is the price range for Champagne?

Champagne prices vary widely depending on the brand, quality, and age. Entry-level Champagnes can start at around $30, while prestige cuvées can reach thousands of dollars.

Is Champagne only for special occasions?

No, Champagne can be enjoyed on any occasion or even as an aperitif before a meal. It's a versatile drink that is suitable for celebrations, parties, or even everyday drinking.