The Best Red Wine for Christmas 2019: Perfect for All Festive Occasions

As the festive season approaches, one question often arises: what is the best red wine for Christmas? While personal taste plays a significant role, there are certain wines that have stood out as exceptional choices during the Christmas period.

In 2019, several red wines made a splash in the wine community. These wines were noted for their excellent balance, rich flavours, and ability to pair well with a variety of festive dishes. Let's delve into the world of red wines and discover why they make such a perfect fit for Christmas celebrations.

Why Red Wine at Christmas?

Red wine is a classic choice for Christmas for several reasons. Its rich, warming flavours complement hearty Christmas dishes perfectly, whether it's a traditional roast or a cheese platter. Moreover, the vibrant red colour of the wine adds a festive touch to any occasion.

When selecting the best red wine for Christmas 2019, it's essential to consider the meal you're serving. For instance, a robust Malbec with its full-bodied profile and dark fruit notes pairs beautifully with red meat dishes. On the other hand, a lighter Pinot Noir could be a better match for poultry or fish.

Christopher Piper Wines: Your Gateway to the Best Red Wine for Christmas

If you're searching for the best red wine for Christmas 2019, look no further than Christopher Piper Wines. As a leading wine merchant based in Devon, they offer an extensive range of red wines suitable for all tastes and budgets.

From the luscious Hallmark Channel Jingle Cabernet Sauvignon, noted for its fruity flavours and smooth finish, to the indulgent Red Decadence Chocolate Wine with its unique cocoa-infused profile, there's something for everyone at Christopher Piper Wines. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you towards the perfect bottle, ensuring your Christmas celebrations are complete with the perfect pour.

Not only does Christopher Piper Wines stock renowned international wines, but they also offer a selection of exceptional local Devonshire wines. This allows you to support local vineyards while enjoying top-notch wine.

In conclusion, finding the best red wine for Christmas 2019 is an exciting journey of exploring different flavours and styles. With the wide selection available at Christopher Piper Wines, you're sure to find a bottle that will make your festive season truly special.

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