Domaine Pichot, Vouvray, Touraine

Domaine Pichot is an amalgamation of the vineyards of father, Jean-Claude Pichot’s Côteau de la Biche and Christophe’s (his son), le Peu de la Moriette. Christophe is now in charge of the 24 hectares and the vinification at this historic vineyard, which the Pichot family started cultivating in 1739. He is making some superb dry and semi-dry wines and is renowned for his stunning ‘sweeties’.  The sec (from the 6 hectare Côteau de la Biche) is 90% tank fermented but added complexity is given by 10% fermented in 400-litre oak barrels. For the demi-sec, the Chenin vines in le Peu de la Moriette are a lot older (average about 45 years) and the wine is fermented 80/20 in tank and 400-litre oak barrels. The historic ‘le Marigny’ sector, where Christophe has 8 hectares, is the ultimate source for his fabulous ‘sweeties’. We are fortunate to have a small stock of older vintages, as these are wines that age majestically.

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