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Il Medaglione Primitivo 2011, Leone de Castris, Salento, Italy

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Our latest new arrival. Quite an amusing video, useful too, especially if you’ve got goats in your kitchen…


Find Il Medaglione here:

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Nuits St Georges Les Charmottes, Domaine Chicotot

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Find Nuits St Georges Les Charmottes from Domaine Chicotot here

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The CPW Team of Women Winemakers from around the World

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013


In 2012 Kathy Jordan announced the launch of the Jordan Wine Estate, Women in Wine Initiative with the creation of a programme to sponsor and mentor women in the Wine Industry, both in the UK and in South Africa.”“When I first started making wine in 1993 at Jordan, there were only a handful of women winemakers in this male-dominated industry.  But things have changed rapidly in the past 20 years.  According to recent stats from the University of Stellenbosch Enology Dept, over the past 5 years there has been an equal intake of men to women with some years even more women applicants. This is very encouraging.”

Producing a web page entirely focused on women winemakers took rather longer than expected due to the large number that was revealed by looking in more depth into the origins of the CPW range of wines. These winemakers have a huge wealth of experience and between them produce a consistent and complex number of whites and reds.  Several, at least, have been crowned Winemaker of the Year in their specific country and here are a few quotes from ‘renowned’ wine critics.

Robert Parker:

“Mas Carlot continues to produce superb wines at moderate prices to which consumers should look given the overall increase in prices.”

“What ever the Next Big Thing turns out to be, Louisa Rose will probably be the one who makes it.” Max Allen, The Weekend Australian magazine

Robert Parker “Château d’Oupia has produced the ideal bistro wine. Dark, ruby-colored, the wine is wonderfully clean and pure, with an exuberant personality, and gobs of rich, peppery, red and black fruit…”.

To mention but a few…
Women Winemakers and their wines

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“Sunshine Hours & Salivating” – Andries Burger, winemaker at Paul Cluver Wines, SA, presents his wines to the CPW Team

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

We were delighted to welcome Andries Burger, winemaker at Paul Cluver Wines, Elgin , South Africa, to our offices yesterday morning. Like most winemakers that visit, once through the door we immediately took the opportunity to put him in front of a video camera for website tasting notes and unlike many who just ‘freeze’ at the sight of a camera, Andries was a dab hand and a natural at talking. These videos will be shown in a week or so time.

The range of Paul Cluver Wines consists of :

Sauvignon Blanc : This is a deliciously fresh, very pale Sauvignon with 8% Semillon added to give mid-palate creaminess. The grapes come from 6 different vineyard sites, some at low lying sites (300-350m) and two from higher vineyards (500m). The difference in picking time can be as much as three weeks due to the much slower ripening of the grapes at higher altitude. With a reduced time of picking to processing, the resulting wine is as fresh as it possibly can be. What raises this Sauvignon over many others is the vein of minerality that runs through the wine bringing it into the style of top class Loire. This minerality defines all the Cluver wines, making the tongue ‘salivate’ and making you want another sip….and another sip..

Next the Riesling: Paul Cluver Wines are the biggest private producers of Riesling.  With only 8% residual sugar this is a deliciously dry Riesling with a lime fresh nose and a soft, mouthfilling, lean and elegant palate. Perfect with spicy food. In fact all the Cluver wines are ‘food’ wines – which makes them so approachable and good value.

Chardonnay: Andries Burger’s favourite and I can see why. Creamy butterscotch on the nose, white stone peach, citrus and a lovely toastiness on the palate coming from 30% natural fermentation (very slow fermentation) in new oak. Considering Chardonnay grapes were officially first planted in South Africa in 1982, the Cluver Chardonnay vineyards date back to 1987, producing a seriously complex, buttery, toasty, fruity wine.

Gewurztraminer: Only 12% and full of lychee lime aromas. So aromatic of rose petals and turkish delight – honestly ! Yet it has that Cluver streak of mineral through the wine keeping it fresh rather than cloying and lively rather than flabby. Wonderful with asian spices.

Pinot Noir: Unusually a very light coloured Pinot but with so much flavour it’s hard to guess from just looking at the wine. This is a classic Pinot with deep red summer strawberry fruits and iron like minerality.

Seven Flags Pinot Noir: Their ‘top’ Pinot Noir. The name coming from the 7 flags on the family crest. This is made from selective barrels and is only made when there have been enough ‘sunshine hours’ to give the depth and fruitiness for this ‘cru’. The grapes are picked from their oldest Pinot vineyard, a block of just 4ha so the wine is very limited in quantity. Paul Cluver says this is the ultimate expression of Pinot noir from the estate’s terroir. “A barrel and vineyard selection, which brings together in one wine, everything that the family believes about wine-making “. For the Pinotphiles !

Last but not least, the Noble Late Harvest Riesling: Packed with apricot, spice and honey characteristics on the nose. The mouth feel is full and impressively rich but with superb balance, the result of elegant Riesling acidity. The aftertaste seems to linger forever. This wine will gain complexity after 2 to 5 years in the bottle. The perfect way to end a meal, or enjoy with flavourful cheeses.

All these wines are extremely good value and you can find them HERE


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Prosecco Frizzante NV by John O’Keeffe

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

We recently took the Prosecco Frizzante NV to a very busy wedding fayre in Somerset and watched the results with some interest.  Frizzante is an Italian term to describe ‘lightly sparkling’ so this wine with its small, delicate bubbles is less fizzy than, say, Champagne or Cava.  Off at a tangent, the hotel was using very clean glasses so there were, in fact, lots of bubbles billowing upwards.  This is worth mentioning as I have been served Champagne in dirty/greasy glasses on several occasions and the fizz ‘dies’ very quickly…this is very annoying and a complete waste of money!

Frizzante has always been a very popular style of fizz inItalyand, traditionally, the bubbles helped to offset (or mask!) the sugar in the wines.  My previous experience of Frizzante, many years ago, was getting very plastered at altitude and nearly ending my holiday early due to skiing over a ramp at high speed and plunging down onto a tarmac road…ouch!  However, this style of wine, like Sekt inGermany, is undergoing a transformation and the younger winemakers are focusing on quality and masses of fresh fruit to entice new customers into trying this refreshing style of wine.

The wine has a lovely lemon/citrus freshness with hints of elderflower.  The palate is dry’ish but creamy and it offers delicious flavours of fresh peaches and passionfruit on the finish.  The hotel was offering a free glass of frizzante to all the visitors and they received excellent feedback on the wine.  It was very much liked by the brides and their friends with many of them commenting on how ‘fruity’, rather than acidic, the fizz tasted.  It has to be said that several people noted that it wasn’t too gassy and didn’t make you feel…well, you can guess the rest!

The staff at the hotel found that it was easy to work with as the bottles are easy to open, there is no froth exploding out of the top of the bottles and it is relatively easy to pour ‘proper’ measures rather than foam into the glass.

So, the overall feedback was a very positive reaction to the Frizzante ‘Spago’ NV and one that exceeded our expectations.  Please make sure that you keep it on your radar for the next time that you are having a party or large function!

Find it here (only £8.56 a bottle !)


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