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The Somerset Cider Brandy Company

Christmas Offer on Somerset Cider Brandy Company

Christmas Offer on Somerset Cider Brandy CompanyDistilling apples in England was last recorded in 1678 and was revived by the Somerset Cider Brandy Company in 1987. They acquired the first commercial licence to distil cider to produce brandy in recorded UK history and in October 2010, after a protracted legal battle in Brussels, they won a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) - “appellation contrôlée”.

They mature a 3 Year Old, 5 Year Old,10 Year Old, a single cask Shipwreck, 15 Year Old (Alchemy)and a 20 Year Old Cider Brandy in small oak barrels at their bonded warehouse at Burrow Hill. The barrels are chosen for the qualities and flavours they impart while giving the wonderful golden colour to the brandy which mellows and grows richer with age. The art of distilling is the tradition of blending which has been passed down over the years, not just the apple varieties that go into the cider but the wooden casks and the qualities they give to the brandy. We stop maturing at 20 years as we feel the brandy is the best it will be - any extra years will not add any more to what we feel is at its zenith.

1. Buy one 70cl bottle of 3, 5, 10 or 15 year old Somerset Cider Brandy

2. Receive a Limited Edition brand new (never produced before now) 10cl 'mini'. These miniatures are extremely collectable items and of course contain SCB's deliciously unique 3, 5, and 10 year old brandy.

2. Choose one more from their range, including: 8 Year Old Shipwreck, 20 year old Brandy, Pomona, Kingston Black, or Apple Eau de Vie and we will send you a second miniature !

The exclusive mini bottles will be on a 'lucky dip' basis - who knows what you may receive...but whichever one arrives with your two bottles, you will be assured of a fabulous drop for Christmas.

Somerset Royal 3 Year Old

Somerset Royal 3 Year OldThe three year old has a nose of apple which leads onto a floral, spicy palate with a touch of spirit followed by a long lingering aftertaste.

£26.65 per 70cl Bottle

Somerset Royal 3 year old - BUY HERE

Somerset 5 Year Old Brandy

Somerset 5 Year Old BrandyThis has lost some of the apple of Somerset Royal but is smoother and far more complex with a velvety palate and a sweet spicy aftertaste.

£32.70 per 70cl Bottle

Somerset 5 Year Old - BUY HERE

Somerset 10 Year Old Brandy

Somerset 10 Year Old BrandyWe think that the wait has been worthwhile. It is complex with a Christmas pudding richness, full of subtle bouquets and aromas. One needs to take time to appreciate the harmony of flavours. It is very much an after dinner brandy.

£37.38 per 70cl Bottle

Somerset 10 Year Old - BUY HERE

Alchemy 15 Year Old Brandy

Alchemy 15 Year Old BrandyBehind the warming, dense and creamy apple-fresh finish the 15 Year Old “Alchemy” is Temperley’s exquisite masterpiece and is disconcertingly mellow, positively appley and dangerously easy to drink.

£43.02 per 70cl Bottle

Somerset Alchemy - BUY HERE

50cl: Kingston Black Aperitif

50cl: Kingston Black AperitifA blend of Cider Brandy and the juice of one of the finest and rarest of vintage cider apples. It has all the sweetness of apples with a depth and quality of flavour which has made Kingston Black a legend in the apple orchards of the West Country.

As a superb alternative to Pimms, blend one part of Kingston Black with three of good lemonade. Dunk in a few strawberries and some mint and Bob's your balloon pilot! (For a bit more oomph, slosh in a slug of 5 year old Apple Brandy)!

£8.81 per 50cl Bottle

Kingston Black Aperitif - BUY HERE

50cl: Shipwreck 8 Year Old Cask Brandy

50cl: Shipwreck 8 Year Old Cask Brandy"Many will recall seeing barrels floating ashore at Branscombe on their televisions. We obtained, with permission of the Receiver of Wrecks, some superb barrels which were on their way to South Africa for filling with their best wines. Allier oak is subtle and we are very pleased with the effect."

It has long been recognised that for growing apples for fermenting, England has three “vintage” areas where the soil conditions and climate are deemed best for growing cider apples, known as "terroir"; all of these areas are in Somerset. At Burrow Hill, Kingsbury Episcopi, we are right in the middle of one, the others being around Wedmore and Baltonsborough.

Apples are the starting point for both our cider and our Somerset Cider Brandy and at Burrow Hill, we believe it is vital to know their origins. All the apples we ferment come from Somerset, the majority from our own orchards but also from small local growers. We grow more than 40 varieties of vintage cider apples with names such as Brown Snout, Stoke Red, Harry Masters and the legendary Kingston Black.

£37.69 per 50cl Bottle

Somerset Shipwreck - BUY HERE

50cl: Somerset 20 Year Old Brandy

50cl: Somerset 20 Year Old BrandyOne barrel of Somerset Twenty Year Old will be bottled each year untill 2015 and they will be released each year on Apple Day, October 16th .These bottles have been matured in our bond in smalll oak barrels and tenderly looked after for the last 20 years.

The result is a Somerset Cider Brandy which is rich, mellow and smooth.

£51.76 per 50cl Bottle

Somerset 20 Year Old - BUY HERE

50cl: Somerset Pomona Digestif

50cl: Somerset Pomona DigestifA secret blend of juice and Cider Brandy from the vintage apple orchards of Kingsbury Episcopi. Matured in oak barrels after two years aging in oak barrels the flavours have softened and become richer. Drink after dinner like a port with a good cheddar cheese.

Now stocked in Noma, Copenhagen, ranked number one restaurant in the world.

£10.02 per 50cl Bottle

Somerset Pomonoa - BUY HERE

50cl: Somerset Apple Eau de Vie

50cl: Somerset Apple Eau de Vie"An apple spirit. A superbly apple flavoured Eau de Vie with a heady perfume of old fashioned cider apples" - The Guardian

£15.04 per 50cl Bottle

Somerset Apple Eau de Vie - BUY HERE

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