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Half Bottles Krug Grande Cuvée Nv,

Half Bottles Krug Grande Cuve Nv,

Ref: A9726

As the restaurant critic Paul Levy once put it "Krug is the champagne that God gives his angels when they have been especially good!"

The house was established in 1843 by Johann Joseph Krug who hailed from Mainz in Germany. Ever since, the firm has been run by a father and son partnership and this is one of the things that makes Krug such an outstanding company. The Krugs are also perfectionists and it is not unusual for 50 different wines from 25 different villages, 10 different vintages and three different grape varieties to go into their 'house' wine, the Grande Cuvée NV. Typically some 30 to 35% of the blend comes from older wines.

All Krug's wines are vinified in 205 litre barrels made from weathered Argonne oak which lends flavour to the wine but in no way dominates the final balance. The wine has a beautiful pale golden colour with a very fine mousse of tiny bubbles flowing from the bottom of the glass. The nose shows elegance and finesse with toasty hazel nut aromas and touches of honey. In the mouth the wine is incredibly rich with a fantastically full fruit but is perfectly dry, mellow and complex.

When drunk young, Krug is lifted by lemony, flowery notes but if kept for a few years, it develops, becoming honeyed, gaining depth, complexity, richness and becoming something of sheer beauty.

 Contains Sulphites

Region Champagne

Grape Sparkling Blend: Pinot Noir/Chardonnay/Pinot Meunier

Producer Krug


Eco Warrior  0

Colour Sparkling/Champagne

Dryness Dry

Body Medium Full Bodied

Food Aperitif/Nuts/Pata Negra Ham

Drink Drink or keep

Price: 87.83


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